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"Gotta say, I’m so fucking excited! And the fact that this is an extravagant piece I can keep for the rest of my life ... 😅🖤 And those colours. Baby. I’m so fucking keen. Seriously. Thank you so much. My part of Australia has been in lockdown for the majority of the past 18 months and I’ve felt so horrible about myself. I’ve not felt so sexy in so long and I thank you for helping to bring that back out."

Mitch D.


We got the art piece! And OMG we love it so much. 🤗 We feel so honored to have one of your pieces in our home.

Ricky D.

We got our Lonnie Draws. It's so fucking awesome. I am afraid to touch it. It's even better than I thought.

Jorge L.

Still obsessed with the prints. I'm so happy I ordered them. 🥰

Bryan J.


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Bottoms up!

Let me see your thong ... or jockstrap.


Yes, Sir!

Kink out, tie me up, or lick my boots. Sir.

Who's your daddy?

These large prints are meant to be hung.


Lips, heels, hair.

Find your queen of the night in one of these pieces.

Be my lucky star.

These pieces are shining like a supernova.


Capturing the beauty of our culture through portrait artwork


Get museum-quality artwork by queer Latinx artist Lonnie Tapia


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That's one fine-ass art print.



Wearable art. Probably a little slutty.

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Custom Art

I create a few custom pieces every season. Email me to get started on an original piece for you.


BIPOC kings and queens

I'm a Latinx painter and illustrator specializing in portraits of BIPOC gay, queer, and transgender people. 

These works deserve special attention.

Surround yourself with something beautiful. Spread love and beauty while displaying artwork depicting our community.