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Hey there, gorgeous!

My name is Lonnie and I'm a portrait artist. I make custom artwork from classic to kinky. 🕴️😜⛓ Add my work to your walls and express all those different parts of your personality. But especially the kinky ones.


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"Still obsessed with the prints. I'm so happy I ordered them. 🥰"

Bryan J.

"I got the artwork. It's beautiful. I was so happy."

Markus B.

"This print is so fucking cool! Bitch." 

Christin C.



"Love my new Lonnie Draws shirt." 

Erik W.

"I'm in love with my @aarinasker shirt by Lonnie Draws!"



I love your work. Wow it looks amazing!!!

Conchita WURST, Austria

You Buy. I Donate.

A portion of my profits—10% to 100% depending on the piece—goes to Black Lives Matter Chicago, Brave Space Alliance, and Red Nation—3 BIPOC charities fighting for Black, trans, and indigenous lives. This year you've allowed me to give $1,325.17 to directly support their work in our community. I've also been able to give directly to a few BIPOC artists and community leaders who needed assistance.

As a small business owner and artist, thank you for making this even possible!

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