Art created just for you.

My portraits are of gay, queer, and trans people from around the world. Each beautiful character glows with fluorescent neon and bioluminescent-like colors. My art is meant to depict each subject as part of a beautiful pantheon of deities.

Custom Work

Hey, cutie! Commissions are one of the most fulfilling aspects of my art career. I love being able to capture my LGBTQ+ & BIPOC friends. ❤ If you would like a custom portrait from me, I would be absolutely honored as your artist! 😊 

Email me at, text or call 312-766-1180.

Read about custom artwork and learn about the process.



Peaches was an amazing collaborator and client. His reaction to receiving his original art is pretty hilarious. Watch it here.

Artwork: "Peaches", Ink on Paper, 16"x 20" 



Matt had a lot to say about his custom original drawing. Keep your sound up.

Artwork: "Matt", Ink on Black Paper, 8" x 10"



This is Judas' second portrait. His first was done earlier and then updated here.

Artwork: "Judas", Ink on Paper, 16"x 20"