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Ever wonder what I need to start my online business? Or tools that I use to better manage my time, health, and life? Here's a list of all the tools I use.

Heads up, this page includes affiliate links. If you click to try or purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. In fact, usually you will save some money and I will too. I only use tools I have personally used and love.



Artist Tools & Merch

Get the original LED lightweight cowboy hat.


Art Business

I use photoshop, illustrator, XD, Lightroom, and InDesign daily. Get full access to the product suite here.

I create all my artwork with a Wacom Intuos in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. My device is a few years old and still gets the job done. I've used tablets for 20+ years and still love Wacom.

Sezzle offers interest-free payments for buyers in the USA and Canada. I want to make my art affordable to everyone and the feedback from my clients is super positive. Plus, it's easy to use with Wix.

Privy helped me grow my mailing list during my first year in business through pop-ups and site banners.


Online Marketing

Host and build your online store here.

Get a 14-day free trial with this link. I use Kartra for marketing email.

Apply your artwork to a variety of products and fine art surfaces. Everything is printed on demand.

Order any frame size with a variety of styles and mats to suit your artwork.



Keep your passwords unique and secure. Use this so you don't every have to remember a password again. You can also secure CC numbers, notes, and server logins.

Unlike Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN: ProtonMail doesn't have access to your account. All your email stays private and encrypted to your preference on Swiss servers—so out of the eyes of your government. Stay anonymous.

Hide your web traffic from your ISP and spying eyes with ProtonVPN. I secure my laptop, and devices under one plan. Your an also bundle with ProtonMail for more savings.

Gmail can search your data and supply info to authorities. Like ProtonMail they don't sell your information or view your data. FastMail is made in Australia.

Migrate your personal from Gmail to easy. Easily create alias for spam accounts.

2FA or two factor authentication, allows you to secure your accounts with an additional security layer. With Authy you will get a code to enter along with your password. So if your account passwords get stolen your adversary still can't log into your accounts.

Don't give out your real number and email for newsletters or random. Create private anon email addresses and phone numbers you can easily change.  You can also create anon CC for online shopping.

Use this browser on you mobile device. It never saves your history and hides your content as you switch apps.

This is my go to desktop browser. You can create tabs for shopping, email, banking, Facebook and other social media sites so the data isn't linked. Extensions let you block ads and tracking devices completely. I've blocked 100 of thousands of tracking codes since I using it.