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Today, I have a super sweet 💘 and romantic story for you.

It's a tale of me meeting my client 🧔🏽❤️🧔🏻 Ricky Donovan and his boyfriend. They moved into their new home and needed artwork for their walls. My friend Alexander tagged me in of their moving posts 🚚—how nice was that?

I started chatting with Ricky and we decided to create one art piece for their 🛏️ bedroom featuring the two of them together.

Ricky had a ton of reference images for me to look through. But it was clear, there was one moment we wanted to capture in art: a romantic underwater encounter of the two reaching towards one another. It's very similar composition to the Michaelangelo fesco 👉🏽👈🏻 "Creation of Adam"—very that.

Their response to the initial sketch I showed was so touching. They were super excited. We discussed colors and their preferences—ultimately picking one for each figure—red and blue.

Ricky took me on a tour of their home (via video), it's cute! And with that info we settled on a frame style and artwork size. It's huge, 24'x24' (60x60 cm) plus about 7 extra inches on both sides for the mat and frame.

Here's a super sweet video of the couple unboxing their artwork, and with bathrobes. 👘 🤩

Ricky also modified a shirt with this artwork by adding some sleeves. It's a super sexy look.

🏎️ 🌏 I love that they can literally take our artwork everywhere.

🆕 🗣 I have 4 open slots this month for commissions like this. If you want to be one of them, please reply. I'll shoot over some info to get started.

🖼️ 🖌️ Email me for your own custom piece 🏳️‍🌈 🖼️ 🖌️

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