Photopack 1 Halloween


I've been sharing some teaser images on my social from my first collaboration with 🎃 Emerald Elixer. I hope you enjoyed the teaser images, because the full photopack is NOW available on my Gumroad.

⬇️ There are 2 tiers for this pack.

💥 Level 1 pack includes:

  1. 21 high-res SFW images featuring Ghostface Halloween shoot with Emerald Elixer.

  2. Content: Selfies, Halloween Horror, & some Pit Worship

🚨 Upgrade to Level 2 (NSFW) photo set:

  1. 46 high-res images including artistic nudes

  2. The original SFW gallery

  3. Content: Selfies, Halloween Horror, Sock Fetish, Sneaker Fetish, BDSM, Pit Worship

🤝 This shoot includes content with Emerald Elixer.

Some people have been asking for prints from this shoot. If you want anything in particular, just email me.

📲 Download Photopack 1

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