Photography and Body Acceptance

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This past weekend one of my friends was telling us a story about a guy.

My friend is super cute (hi, if you're reading!) and paused mid-story to say, "But I didn't feel comfortable talking to him because I wasn't like him ... I wasn't as hot as he was." Something like that.

At this point in the story, my mouth fell open. My friend is really hot.

My last few weekly emails have been about body acceptance and moving beyond the shame we feel about our own bodies.

So this part of his story seemed ridiculous to me. For my friend to have doubts about his own body proved that we all put unrealistic standards of beauty and worthiness on ourselves.

We believe that our own bodies are not as good as someone else. Society tells us that we're never good enough.

This is really harmful. It holds us back from ever really loving our bodies.

🧔🏽 And as we age, we the idea that our bodies are no longer beautiful becomes more amplified. Old bodies (people!) become undesirable. They become our youth's worst fear. It says to us, that we don't matter anymore. It's very dehumanizing.

So this weekend, I grabbed my camera and a portable light and had a impromptu photoshoot with my friend. It was a blast.

I posted some of those to my close friends story on Instagram. You should add me, btw. I'm trying to be more personal on that platform.

🔖 One thing that I realized is that I, too have put an unrealistic standard of worthiness above my own body. Yes, I've shared intimate photos with you. But in the back of my mind ❌ I didn't think I was GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY OWN ART.

This is so stupid! How can I talk about celebrating brown bodies and not value my own?

So I did what I did for my friend this weekend. I celebrated my own body by taking photos of it. 📸 I felt sexy. 💦 I felt happy. 🥰

And I got to show you some new merch with it.


👇 I hope you like these as much as I had taking them.

All shirts are available here.

Thank you.

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