Pay What You Want Coloring Pack

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Lonnie Draws Coloring Pack 1 Includes:

5 artwork sheets for coloring

➡️ Go download the Coloring Pack and pay what you want for it.

Did you ever want to color one of our images yourself?

Now you can, but also you can help us donate to a local organization. 

We pulled 5 of our pieces from our gallery for you to color. Print these out, or save them to your phone and use these to develop your digital painting skills.

All proceeds from this go to The Brave Space Alliance, the only black-led trans-led LGBTQ Center in Chicago.

Any chance you can help us donate and give you some cool art to play with? 

Get the Coloring Pack (Pay What you Want)

Once you're done I'd love to see how you transform these into works of art.

Please tag me on social media @lonniedraws with your colored renditions of my work or email them to

If you download, here are the agreements.

What you MAY do with these pages:

  • Print as many times as you wish for the purpose of coloring 

  • Print for the purpose of displaying 

  • Digitally color for the purpose of printing

  • You may also digitally color for the purpose of sharing on the internet, so long as the images have actually been colored! 

What you MAY NOT do:

  • You may NOT print for the purpose of re-sale 

  • You may NOT share or distribute the digital contents of this folder for the purpose of downloading 

  • You may NOT sell the digital or printed contents of this folder 

All contents in this digital download are copyrighted by the artist.

Thank you!

💜 Download Coloring Pack & Pay What you Want

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