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In the US we can't use the "p" word. But today's topic rhymes with "shoppers" and they come in little aromatic glass bottles.

As usual, scroll down for a photo of me in a compromising position.

🏆 Unlock this gay achievement

You can now add a flip-top cap to your bottle of "shoppers".

If you use 🦂 Double Scorpio or 🐷 Pig Sweat like I do, you'll want this one. If you use 🔵 Blue Boy, ⚡ Rush or one of the other international brands, you'll need a different Wyff'r.

There are 3 sizes in all, each one sized to fit all 3 VHS cleaner bottle sizes.

🎥 Watch how easy!

I made this quick video showing you how to use this on your VHS solvent bottles.

The fetish art

Y'all wanted more fetish and kink art, so I also did a piece with my Wyff'r and a bottle of Double Scorpio.

⚠️ Surprise giveaway!

Sad news: the winner of this month's giveaway did not claim their prize

Good news: So I'm giving away this HUGE art piece along with a free Wyff'r flip-top cap. You get both!

Typically I send an 8x10". But the winner is going to get a HUGE piece from me and Wyff'r.

To enter:

1️⃣ reply back to me and say "I want this" by May 21 and

2️⃣ tell me your favorite brand of VHS cleaner.

I'll pick a winner on Saturday, May 22.

🚨 Skank alert!

Here's a photo of me, ass up.

I used this photo as the reference for the artwork. If you don't win the artwork you can grab it from the shop. You'll also get 15% if you buy it off because Wyff'r is so awesome and covered some of the costs to make this.

Please go thank them by getting a Wyff'r of your own. Use my promo code lonnie15 for 15% off.

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