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Updated: Jun 20

I've lived in Chicago for 8 years but only recently got connected to Reko. We talked about art —he is also an illustration artist—and decided to do a collaboration of our own. The process was similar to a custom artwork commission that I previously wrote about.

He didn't tell me he has modeled before, but after talking about a few ideas and seeing some of his work I knew I wanted to do something very classic and minimal. The pose is alluring, inviting, confident, and powered by personal strength.

The final result is a perfect addition to the series I'm calling Deities & Daddies. This pantheon of characters portrays iconic representations of different kinds of strength.

Reko requested pink for this image. And I'm so glad he did. I used to avoid the color for my work but the reaction to its introduction has changed my art for the better. It's becoming my most requested color from collaborators and y'all seem to love it, too.

When restrictions lift from the pandemic, you can meet this sweet, lovely, and handsome man at Sidetrack, where he bartends.

In the meantime, find him on his Instagram: RekoSuave.


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