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If you're looking for cool art of sexy daddies, lovely drag queens, and femme jocks, then my art will make you smile.

I'm Lonnie — artist, designer, kinkster. I highlight the beauty in queer culture and make artwork for home galleries all around the world. I live in Chicago with my husband, Gavin, where you can find us dancing the night away, cooking New Mexican food, and binging on animé.


Art isn't for the super filthy rich!

✨ It belongs to us. ✨

I'm a painter and illustrator specializing in portraits of gay, queer, and trans people from around the world. Each beautiful character seems to glow with fluorescent neon and bioluminescent-like colors.

My art is meant to depict our community 🏳️‍🌈 in beautiful pantheon of deities.

My work has been commissioned by and sold to private collections and fetish brands around the world. My clients and collaborators include Folsom Street Events, Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, entertainers, drag queens, and politicians.

Currently, I create art from Chicago, IL in a studio shared with a little feline furry assistant.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy.


How we can work together

Whenever you’re ready, there are 2 ways I can create art for you and your home.

1️⃣ Grab prints or merch from the shop

Everything is custom made and shipped (for FREE!) 🚚 to you anywhere in the world. I sell prints, framed prints, and shirts.

2️⃣ Invest in a custom commission

Click the button below to start the very own portrait. With payment in hand, I'll request a few reference images from you. After that I can get started! I involve you in the creation process.

You can upgrade the print size and custom frame at any time before I ship our masterpiece to you.


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