About the artist

Lonnie is a Latinx painter and illustrator specializing in portraits of gay, queer, and trans people from around the world. Each beautiful character seems to glow with fluorescent neon and bioluminescent-like colors.

Lonnie's art is meant to depict each subject as part of a beautiful pantheon of deities.

His work has been commissioned by and sold to private collections and fetish brands around the world. Lonnie's clients and collaborators include Folsom Street Events, Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, entertainers, drag queens, and politicians.

He currently creates from Chicago, IL in a studio shared with feline furry assistants.


We got our Lonnie Draws. It's so fucking awesome. I am afraid to touch it. It's even better than I thought. 

Jorge L.


Sharing Wealth

We are able to give back to other BIPOC, queer, and trans organizations and individuals. If you can, please donate to these organizations directly.

A portion of my profits—historically 10% to 100% depending on the piece—goes to Black Lives Matter Chicago, Brave Space Alliance, and Red Nation—3 BIPOC charities fighting for Black, trans, and indigenous lives. This year you've allowed me to give $1,325.17 to directly support their work in our community. I've also been able to give directly to a few BIPOC artists and community leaders who needed assistance.

As a small business owner and artist, thank you for making this even possible!

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