Created just for you.

Hey, cutie. If you are interested in purchasing original pieces of art featuring yourself and/or a loved one please, you're in the right spot.

I care about my gay, black, POC, trans family and gay businesses who will display custom art in spaces. I want them to love, value and cherish the work I create. 

Email me at lonnie@lonniedraws.com, text or call 312-766-1180.

If you want to see what it's like to work with me, here's a piece that goes into the process.

Read about custom artwork and see examples.



Peaches was an amazing collaborator and client. His reaction to receiving his original art is pretty hilarious. Watch it here.

Artwork: "Peaches", Ink on Paper, 16"x 20" 



Matt had a lot to say about his custom original drawing. Keep your sound up.

Artwork: "Matt", Ink on Black Paper, 8" x 10"



This is Judas' second portrait. His first was done earlier and then updated here.

Artwork: "Judas", Ink on Paper, 16"x 20" 

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